Awards 2015 / 2016

We celebrated our students

On Saturday morning, June 25th. They reached their A1” Vergleichsarbeit” goals and received certificates issued by ZFA (Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen- Central Agency of Foreign Schools of Germany). We did this exam in March. Our advanced class reached the AATG Level 3 with a Gold Medal as an Honor student. (American Association of Teachers of German) for Distinguished Achievement on the 2016 National German Exam for High School Students. The exam was taken in March. Congratulations to all! We are proud of you!

The day started at 9:00 am with a beautiful breakfast of fresh croissants, coffee, orange juice, jams, and cheese varieties. Our wonderful Intern Frau Charlotte Mueller from Germany and Frau Atti Reding, who helps in class with reading, have helped to set up the classroom.

Students and their parents joined the teachers for breakfast.

Students performed a short play in which they could demonstrate their speaking skills. It was all about going shopping at “ALDI” as a family, and as the kids were hungry already, Mom forgot the best in the shopping cart- die Würstchen…… Awards were given, and everyone got a unique pin for “Super Schüler Auszeichnung” and a book to read German during Summertime.

We wish all a Happy Summer of 2016.

Happy Summer end of the school year 2015/2016

AATG – DAF Deutsch als Fremdsprache


Jaylin is a student since 9/2015

She mastered the AATG Exam 1 with Gold in 4/2017

I am homeschooled and have been since first grade. I love the flexibility homeschool offers and the chance to grow and learn at one’s own pace. When I started high school, I realized that I needed to take a foreign language and there are, of course, many to choose from but for some reason, I really wanted to do German. From the little I had heard spoken, I thought it was a very beautiful language. The first thing we did was research who taught German and Frau Schoeneich came up as well as some others. We clicked her profile and I am so glad we did. She is the sweetest teacher out there. She always very patiently works with me to write and memorize my vocabulary words. She is very patient and understanding of my busy farm and school schedule and when I forget words she never gets frustrated at me. She takes as much time as necessary for me to understand the whole history of what we are studying and she makes her native language feel like mine. And whenever summer comes along she sends me a gift like a dictionary or a reading book. I am not exactly sure what God has in store for my future but I know he led me to Frau Schoeneich and hopefully, it will include German.

This year I was enrolled in the AATG Level 1 Exam and scored Gold in the second school year of German.

I am very proud of her. Way to go.

“We bet you know one little girl who’d rather have hay in her hair than makeup on her face.”

Ursula Schoeneich | President & DaF German Language Teacher

GERMAN SCHOOL online student scores high

Jaylin-Clayton german school online

I chose German when I was looking for a foreign language to study in high school. My sister was taking Spanish with an online Spanish course. I was a little bit torn between the two languages as I love both Spanish and German (and many others for that matter)! But German appealed to me more and won out.

My Mom said, “Jaylin are you sure German is what you want to take? Your sister is taking Spanish and I already know the online school she is doing it with and it would be very easy to just sign you right up with them.”

But I said, “Yes Mom, I love German! I love the way it sounds and it is just such an intriguing language!”

So she said, “Alright German it is!” My parents are very supportive and encouraging in the things we are interested in, so right away we went online and began searching for online German teachers. What came up was a German school online and four teachers including Frau Ursula Schöneich. My Mom and I read her bio and called Frau Schöneich. We were really impressed and chose her.

At first, when I started German I just did it because I really liked the sound of the language, the people, and their culture. German culture is so interesting and has many similarities to my Jamaican culture. But now I realize the many endless possibilities knowing German has! I’m not exactly sure where God will lead me in using the language in my future studies as I would like to be either a horse trainer or a veterinarian, but I do know that I want to use German to teach the many people who speak the language about Jesus and Heaven.

Frau Schöneich makes sure to thoroughly teach me the history behind each of the many different topics we study and she is so understanding when it comes to my busy farm life. I really lucked out when I got her as my teacher! Maybe someday in the future, I will use my knowledge of German and become a Dolmetscherin as well as a horse trainer and Veterinarian!


Greg_C- AATG Exam 1 with Gold

Greg is a student since 2013

He mastered the AATG Exam 1 with Gold in 2015.
He mastered the AATG Exam 2 with Gold in 2016.

I am very proud of him. Way to go.

Ursula Schoeneich |President & DaF German Language Teacher