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GERMAN SCHOOL campus student Nina Kohlmann invited to Washington for the finals

This morning, May 21, 2022, at 9:00 a.m., the German School Campus went live with participants and educators from German schools, ZfA agents and the delegate from the German Embassy in Washington.

It is our second year in “Jugend debattiert, “with last year’s winner Sinead Roche.

Our students competed in the Regional Final USA-West in “Jugend debattiert.” The arguments featured Rayan Raisrohani, Lucas Ruebsamen, and Nina Kohlmann.

Frau Schoeneich was the lead Juror for other debate groups.

First debate: “Sollen sportliche Großveranstaltungen nur an Länder vergeben werden, die die Menschenrechte achten?“
(“Should major sporting events be awarded only to countries that prioritize human rights?”)

Second debate: “Soll für die Nutzung sozialer Netzwerke eine Klarnamenpflicht eingeführt werden?“
(“Shoulda clear name requirement be imposed for the use of social media?”

Frau Mais-Minkler and Herr Ingo Matthias (ZfA) had the evaluation and findings from the ten debates by 12:00 p.m.

We are delighted to report that Nina Kohlmann (student of class AP/B2) was among the winners. Nina and Frau Schoeneich will be invited to visit Washington, DC, in October for a week.

About Jugend debattiert:

Debate makes a difference: think clearly, and argue pretty.

Training in the classroom in secondary schools of all kinds, which promotes linguistic and political education and contributes to the formation of opinions and personalities, is debated:

  • Because communication skills are bolstered
  • Because confidence is communicated via appearance
  • Because political decision-making is improving

Debating youth is a competition in which everyone wins. Die Jugend debattiert-Gemeinschaft has been growing for almost a century.

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GERMAN SCHOOL campus 1. Place with Sinead Roche Jugend debattiert Nordamerika Regionalfinale West 2021

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