Final Report

Luisa Beiersdorf

My last weeks at the German School Campus were once again interesting and eventful. After the students had finished their exams, it was time for the last two weeks of the school year. As is usual before the summer vacations, things were a little more relaxed and the focus was on learning through play. The children from the Wednesday classes were allowed to collect and artistically design their collected knowledge about the German language and culture on posters and the blackboard. Afterwards, we talked about the points they had collected and the children were able to share their experiences.

The open day at a school in Huntington Beach, where the German School Campus will be offering courses next school year, was particularly interesting for me. I was able to help inform interested parents and students about the courses at the school and on campus. The exchange was extremely interesting and I gained further insight into the American school system.

An important point was the school’s graduation ceremony last Saturday. Here, the students were honored, certificates were distributed and students who graduated from high school were bid farewell. It was exciting to see how much work and preparation goes into this day. It was especially nice to accompany the kindergarten class during their performance, as we had been preparing for it for the whole of last semester. I was also given a warm send-off on this day and will have fond memories of my time at the German School Campus. In conclusion, I can only say that the last six months at the German School Campus gave me many insights and will help me to report authentically and truthfully about life in California, especially at a Californian school in my English lessons.

By helping with events and their preparations, I have seen how much work is needed to make events happen during the school year. I was very happy to be able to introduce the students to German culture through events such as the carnival celebration or Easter and to be an active part of it. I particularly noticed how important it is for children to learn not only the language of a country but also its culture. This experience will also accompany me in my later work as an English teacher.

The insights into exams, written exams, and the correction of these were also very instructive and a great opportunity for me to immerse myself further in everyday school life and gain more experience. The exams to obtain a language certificate in particular were something completely new for me and gave me valuable insights into the importance of a German school abroad. Working with the various dedicated teachers and students of all ages was a great experience, which allowed me to get to know the teaching profession in completely different facets. I would not want to miss my time in California, especially at the German School Campus, and would like to thank everyone involved for making my stay so special.