Accreditation News – We reached a milestone!

Besides the accreditation by the ZfA ( Central Agency of German School Abroad) on November 2019 and Pasch-net on October 20th, we received on November 3rd the letter to be accredited by:

533 Airport Blvd, Suite 200, Burlingame, CA 94010

Ursula Schoeneich, Principal

Dear Ursula Schoeneich:

The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) announces that the Executive Committee of the Accrediting Commission for Schools has approved Initial Accreditation for The German School, Inc, through June 30, 2024…..

We cannot be prouder of it as the “Visiting Summary Report” indicates the Strengths of German School campus:

“The German School campus provided a very throughout the initial visiting report, including supporting evidence. During the initial visit, there was the opportunity for meaningful dialogue with the stakeholders, observations of students engaged in learning, and examinations of additional evidence. The VC found many positive aspects of the program.

  1. The program has a highly qualified teaching staff who are native speakers of German and Spanish.
  2. The Director/CEO is very supportive of her staff, students, and families.
  3. A rigorous German and Spanish curriculum filled with cultural and historical lessons.
  4. Opportunities for students in the German program to take the German National Exam (DSD) and qualify to study in Germany.
  5. Strong partnerships with foreign language associations and the Federal Republic of Germany’s Central Office of Schools Abroad.
  6. Various internship opportunities for all language students.
  7. Many community partnerships in Southern California.
  8. Full Online Platform Google Grant Recipient.
  9. Google Grant Recipient to further ists growth opportunity.”

The purpose of the ACS-WASC Commission is to foster excellence in elementary, secondary, adult, and postsecondary institutions, and supplementary education programs. The Commission encourages school improvement through a process of continuing evaluation and recognizes institutions through granting accreditation to the schools that meet an acceptable level of quality in accordance with the established criteria.
ACS WASC accreditation is important because:

  1. ACS WASC accreditation is recognized worldwide.
  2. Certifies to the public that the school is a trustworthy institution of learning.
  3. Validates the integrity of a school’s program and student transcripts.
  4. Fosters improvement of the school’s programs and operations to support student learning.
  5. Assures a school community that the school’s purposes are appropriate and being accomplished through a viable educational program.
  6. Provides a way to manage change through regular assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, and reassessment.
  7. The University of California requires a school to be accredited in order to establish and maintain an accreditation “a-g” course list.
  8. The United States military application process requires that applicants graduate from an accredited secondary school to qualify as a high school graduate.
  9. College students must matriculate from a high school that is fully accredited by ACS WASC to qualify for Cal Grants from the California Student Aid Commission.
  10. Schools want to assure quality to students, their families, and the public; accreditation status assures that schools meet at least the threshold standards required.
  11. Many public safety organizations require a diploma from an accredited secondary school as a minimum standard for their job application.
  12. Schools use ACS WASC to help them articulate with their partner feeder schools.
  13. Accreditation ensures to employers that graduates have successfully passed the requirements of an accredited institution.
  14. California charter schools must be ACS WASC accredited to apply for charter school building funds.
  15. Private, independent, charter, and parochial schools must be accredited to access California state student teachers.
  16. Accreditation is important to ensure that courses are easily transferred among member institutions.
  17. Some private individuals and institutions look for evidence of accreditation in approving school grants.
  18. Accreditation is an achievement that is used in marketing to prospective families.
  19. Foreign students must be enrolled in an accredited institution in order to be eligible to receive an I-20 U.S. Visa.
  20. The ACS WASC process helps schools increase students’ achievements through the continuous improvement process.

If parents would like to know more about German School campus, Inc and the road to success in foreign language learning and opportunities for their son/daughters,
pls contact: