German Summer Camp 2020

German school campus Summer Camp 2020

We have a great, interesting online Summer Camp program for Elementary, Middle School-High School students.
“Entdecke den Wald.” 🐜🌲🌳🦔🐿🐇🦡🦌🐝🦉🦇🐦🐾
Discover the forest. Learn in your age range about the structural level of the forest, the trees, the fruits, and the animals.

  • What are the two main categories of trees?
  • Students will learn about different types of trees.
  • Which tree has a Christmas song?
  • What are some of the basic statistical information about forests in Germany and the US?
  • Learn about statistical information, and make comparisons.
  • Wood is processed into a variety of products.

Online classes are:
Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon.
12 classes for $ 185

Sign up today, we have only limited spaces available.
Call us at 949-285-0829 and reserve your space before it is sold out!
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