Great time at Summer Day Camp 2017

The second year Summer camp 2017

STEM Summer Day Camp 2017

The second year of the project “summer camp” is over and it was a complete success again as shown by the positive reaction of the students regarding the practical experiences. Outside of the class rooms the students have learned everything about the elements -earth, water, air and fire. The main focus was talking about our resources and renewable energy, with an emphasis on sustainability in mind. A further priority was learning new vocabularies in a field that becomes more and more important to all nations all over the world. In cooperation with the Newport Sea Base School Mrs. Schoeneich (school director) was able to plan an all-round camp with interesting articles, videos, games and great trips to different places in the Newport Back Bay area, for examples excursions on the water including kayaking and sail boat tours. The idea was to practice a specialized vocabulary playfully with all students of all ages together. At the end the kids got their own folders with all important information about tides, solar and wind energy and recycling, of course in German. Mrs. Ursula Schoeneich created with her German School Campus another wonderful summer camp that hopefully will come back in 2018 again!

We are looking forward to her projects!