Investing in GERMAN SCHOOL: A Charitable Contribution

Morgenstern team real estate here Ursula Schoeneich and Alwin_Morgenstern with donation check of $2000 to german school campus

GERMAN SCHOOL campus receive a $2000 donation from MORGENSTERN TEAM Real Estate

Morgenstern Team Real Estate, a leading real estate firm in Newport Beach, has donated $2000 to the German School Campus, a language school in the area. This donation is a big help to the school, which depends a lot on the help of the local community to keep giving its students good language education.

The German School Campus is a non-profit organization that offers language classes to children and adults in the Newport Beach area. The school’s goal is to give students a high-quality language education in a friendly and supportive setting. This helps students improve their language skills and learn about other cultures.

The school has been serving the community for over a decade, and its success is due in large part to the support of local businesses like Morgenstern Team Real Estate. The real estate firm has been a long-time supporter of the school and has donated funds in the past to support the school’s operations and programs.

The latest donation of $2,000 will be used to help the school cover its operating expenses and continue offering language classes to the community. The school’s director, Ursula Schoeneich, expressed her gratitude for the generous donation, saying that it would go a long way in helping the school achieve its mission of promoting language education and cultural exchange.

The Morgenstern Team Real Estate’s donation is just one example of the many ways in which businesses can support local schools and organizations. By contributing funds or volunteering time and resources, businesses can help make a difference in the lives of those in their community, especially those who are most in need.

This donation also highlights the importance of language education in today’s globalized world. As businesses do more business around the world, being able to speak more than one language is becoming more important. By supporting language schools like the German School Campus, businesses are not only giving back to the community but also investing in the future of their own workforce.

In conclusion, Morgenstern Team Real Estate’s donation to the German School Campus is a shining example of how local businesses can make a positive impact on their community. By supporting organizations that promote education and cultural awareness, businesses are not only doing good but also investing in the future of their community and workforce.

GERMAN SCHOOL campus year end award ceremony

GERMAN SCHOOL campus year-end award ceremony

Alex and Marwan received the Delta Epsilon Phi National Honor Society for High School Students of German certificate and patches

Alex, Marwan receive AP German award from Ursula Schoeneich, principal at international german school campus