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Learn Handwriting Skills at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Why is handwriting important?

Writing by hand activates different parts of the brain than typing or touching a screen does. Writing helps pupils remember information better than typing does, according to studies.

By requiring the use of both hands, writing by hand is a more well-rounded experience. Putting pen to paper to produce words and phrases is an act that is both physical and multifaceted.

When kids practice the alphabet in a variety of physical ways, they are better able to imprint the letters and the sounds they make on their long-term memory, making it easier for them to recall those details later on when learning to read. In order to master the alphabet on a digital device, just two senses are required: sight and touch. There is no way to distinguish between the various keys and the letters they represent. Learning the alphabet through handwriting provides a wealth of tactile experiences, working not only the eyes but also the fine-motor muscles of the fingers and hand, as well as the bigger muscles of the arm and body.

For many authors, the best way to get their ideas down on paper is to write a rough copy by hand and then read it back through, making corrections and revisions as you go. Instead, we’re tempted to modify as we go when typing on a screen, which can disrupt the natural flow of ideas.

Many successful people still believe it is essential to have a little notebook and pen on hand in this digital age so that they can scribble down ideas as they occur to them and then return to them later.

Many important historical documents were originally written by hand, making them unreadable to anyone who doesn’t know cursive writing. Learning to write in one’s own hand leads to improved decoding skills. Language proficiency includes the ability to read both cursive and print.

Writing by hand forces us to pause and concentrate on what we’re thinking. Can you type as fast as you think? Although this is useful when capturing a speaker’s words on paper, it’s important to give your thoughts some room to develop before committing them to paper.

The ability to write clearly and concisely frees the mind to devote more attention to the task at hand. Mastering handwriting frees up mental resources that can be used for other aspects of the writing process. Learning is facilitated by neat, legible handwriting.

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