Isabel’s Last Internship: Reflections and Memories

Orange County soccer stadium with german school campus FI

Isabel Heis last week as an intern at the GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Saint Martin German school campus newport beach at old world huntington beach

In keeping with November, we celebrated Saint Martin’s Day with the school. For this, we met Sunday afternoon at Old World in Huntington Beach. For the celebration, a small play was prepared, a stall with lanterns was set up, and musical accompaniment was provided. The play is about Saint Martin, a wealthy man who helped the poor and is known for sharing his red coat on a cold night to help a freezing beggar. Families could buy lanterns for their children and explore the small streets and stores at Old World. The celebration culminated in a lantern walk together, where everyone walked through the beautiful streets in the dark and by the light of the lanterns, singing lantern songs.

The following week we had a visit from Hamburger SV, who visited several German schools on their trip, including the German School campus. The mascots of the German soccer team and the Orange County soccer team surprised the children while at the same time introducing them to their trip to the USA. The day after, the game followed, and we sang the German and American national anthems as an introduction.

visit Hamburger SV soccer team with their mascot Herman at german school campus newport beach
Wyland Gallery in Laguna Beach

During this time I also visited the Wyland Gallery in Laguna Beach, which is located directly on Highway 1. Robert Wyland is an artist who is especially known for his paintings and sculptures on the theme of the sea and marine animals. In 1971, he was inspired by the ocean and whales at Laguna Beach. A mother whale swimming by with a baby inspired him to create his first life-size mural, which can be seen in Laguna Beach next to his gallery. He then decided to create 100 more murals around the world and donate them to communities. Now his artwork is collected in more than 100 countries around the world. Wyland’s first gallery was in Laguna Beach, where he still lives. This makes it a special place. However, there are galleries in many other places around the world where his art is displayed. Wyland started the non-profit Wyland Foundation in 1993. It works to protect the environment and clean water.