Hybrid Classes

Hybrid and blended learning face to face learning online learning at german school campus newport beach FI

GERMAN SCHOOL campus is offering now Hybrid Classes

What hybrid teaching?

Some students are physically present on campus and attend live-in-person classes, while others are taught from the comfort of their homes (or elsewhere*). All students attend the same lesson (at the same time) and can freely interact with one another and the instructor via camera.

How does a hybrid class work?

The lesson type and mode of instruction are similar to those of a regular class: the teacher outlines the objectives of the lesson (and how it fits into the curriculum) and then begins the lesson; subsequent activities are either teacher-directed or take place in Breakout rooms, where students can interact with one another (for pairwork or group work). You have access to all files, records, and links to the classroom material/PowerPoint/lesson in your assigned Team (class). Before class begins, there will be an orientation to “check the tech,” Your instructor will then guide you through the lessons and course.

What does the student need to have?

All students are required to have a fully-charged laptop (with audio and video) to ensure full participation, access to course materials, and a more beneficial learning environment. A dependable Internet connection. Every student will get their GERMAN SCHOOL campus email assigned with guardian access. A smartphone is not regarded as a suitable device for educational purposes.

Interested in enrolling your student in a Hybrid class, please contact the principal Ursula Schoeneich.