Internship Report 4 Luisa

Luisa Beiersdorf intern at german school campus at the beach fi

Highlights in April

From mid-April onwards, I had the opportunity to experience a lot both inside and outside the school.

A special point during this time was the German language certificate exams. On two intensive days, we spent the entire day on campus to carry out the grammar, reading, and listening comprehension exams. Another important part of the exams was the oral part, in which the students had to give a presentation on a topic of their choice and demonstrate their language skills in a short conversation. My main task here was to supervise and keep the students occupied between the individual parts of the exam. To reduce the students’ excitement, we played numerous rounds of Pictionary, which lightened the mood and reduced the students’ nervousness.

In the week after the exams, the mood was particularly good as the students were happy to have the exams behind them. One particularly exciting event was a visit from a German rapper and actor who ran a workshop with the children on writing poetry and lyrics. The pupils learned how to express themselves creatively in German and everyone was able to perform their own rap. This was great fun for everyone and a special experience.

Another special visit was that of the Austrian Consul, who came to see the German School Campus as the school is now authorized to take the Austrian Language Diploma (ÖSD). This occasion was celebrated with Bienenstich, Donauwelle, coffee and lemonade. I was also able to take over the lesson planning and delivery this week, which gave me valuable practical experience in teaching. We also practiced the play for our performance at the end of the school year, which the children are already doing a great job of.

The cooking classes also continued and offered many new and delicious recipes. It was particularly exciting to observe the development of the four-year-old children, who can now handle a knife with confidence and are always happy to get stuck in.

Outside of school, I had the opportunity to visit many interesting places in California and get to know the local culture. For example, I attended a baseball game at the University of California, Irvine, where I learned the rules of the game and spent a wonderful afternoon with an American family. Another highlight was a visit to the Getty Villa in Los Angeles. The Getty Villa, a museum and educational center, is dedicated to the art and culture of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria. The villa, which was built in the style of a Roman country house, impressed me with its architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens, which transported me back to the time of antiquity.

Last weekend, I visited the LA County Fair with a friend. This huge event offered numerous attractions, including a farm area with a petting zoo, lots of food stalls and rides. I particularly enjoyed the gondola ride across the fairgrounds, which offered a great overview of the entire event.

Another highlight was the visit to Old Town San Diego, the historic center of San Diego, which is considered the birthplace of California. The Old Town, which was founded in 1769, is now a living open-air museum with historic buildings, stores, restaurants, and cultural events. The visit gave me a fascinating insight into the early history of California.

Of course, I also had to take advantage of the weather to check out the various beaches in Orange County and spend an afternoon or two there.

Unfortunately, the internship and the school year are slowly coming to an end and I am very excited to see what else I will experience in the last few weeks.