Claire Feldhaus at German School campus

Internship Report Claire Feldhaus Part 2

The different class levels

The German School Campus offers classes for ages 4-18.

Every age has different needs and challenges that teachers in the classroom are confronted with.

Kindergarten at German School campus
Kindergarden at German School campus

On Mondays, for example are the Kindergarten classes. Here it is relevant that every 15-20 minutes something different is done. At this young age it is important to offer a lot of variety so that the children remain interested. In addition, it is also important not to overburden the children so that they remain focused and have fun learning.

The beginner classes in the lower intermediate level learn from the beginning, the nouns together with the articles and distinguish them with different colors. The visualization of the grammar simplifies the learning process many times over and provides a good basis. This is essential for further success over the years, because once the principle has been understood, the material is conveyed more quickly, and it is not about frustrating memorizing.

German School Campus makes great efforts to meet the needs of its students and continues to develop in every respect. For this school year the middle and high school students have received new books with “Klett Augmented”. These books have only been available in specialist shops since July. They work with an app and transform the otherwise common disruptive factor mobile phone into a tool that enriches lessons.

high school students at German school campus
High school students at German school campus

It is a great idea to use the PONDS dictionary to play the audio and video sequences from the mobile phone.  A big advantage for the students at home and in their free time to quickly open the mobile app, since many students, as it was before, no longer have a CD player. Every chapter in the book now has all the mobile phone sequences.

It is also important for the students to hear the German language through other voices so that they get used to hearing other voices and accents and not just those of the teachers. They improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation with interactive teaching methods.

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