Kinderkarneval 2024

kinderkarneval huntington beach at german school campus with AKG

Karneval, a beloved tradition in Europe

This past Sunday, we experienced a delightful Kinderkarneval celebration, filled with laughter, music, and vibrant costumes. But today, let’s take a journey back into the fascinating world of Karneval, also known as Fasching!

Karneval, a beloved tradition in Europe, has been the ultimate party for centuries, drawing people together in a whirlwind of color, creativity, and exuberance. It’s a time when the streets come alive with parades, the air is filled with the sound of music, and laughter echoes around every corner.

Originating as a modest tradition, Karneval has evolved into an extraordinary spectacle where people of all ages come together to revel in joyous festivities. It’s a time for families and friends to come together, to don their most imaginative costumes, and to immerse themselves in the magic of the moment.

And the best part? Karneval isn’t just for grown-ups – it’s a celebration for kids too! Picture children’s faces lighting up with excitement as they join in the fun, dancing to catchy tunes and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to our 8th Fasching Party hosted by the German School Campus in Newport Beach! This past Sunday, our venue was transformed into a carnival wonderland, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team and the generosity of our sponsors.

Throughout the afternoon, kids were treated to a variety of thrilling activities and performances. From classic games like “Musical Chairs” to lively dances such as the “Ententanz,” there was never a dull moment. The energy was contagious as families came together to celebrate the spirit of Karneval.

We also extend our gratitude to the Karnevalsverein Anaheim KG, who graced us with the Tanzpaar the Youth group, and Tanzmariechen. Prinz Karneval Adam I and his Princess delighted the children by showering them with “Kamelle.” Ursula Schoeneich was honored with two Karnevalsorden for hosting the Kinderkarneval.

One highlight of the event was the “Schokokuss Wettessen,” a chocolate marshmallow eating contest that had everyone cheering on their favorite participants. And let’s not forget the “Gummibaeren walk competition,” where contestants raced to the finish line with teaspoons in hand, all to the catchy tune of “Ich bin ein Gummibär.”

99 colorful balloons flew through the air as the music of Nena’s „99 Luftballons,“ resounded.

As the afternoon drew to a close, the sounds of “Rucki Zucki” filled the air, keeping the spirit of Fasching alive long after the last guest had departed. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments – a true celebration of the magic of Karneval.

As we bid farewell to another Fasching season, we carry with us the memories of this special day, and look forward to the festivities yet to come.

Until next time, Alaaf und Helau!