Project 2023 in Action

Project Mercy Warehouse DELTA EPSILON PHI aatg at german school campus


Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

The Delta Epsilon Phi National Honor Society for High School Students of German is a distinguished organization committed to acknowledging and commending the remarkable academic achievements of German learners. Within our local chapter, California Delta Eta, we enthusiastically participate in numerous initiatives that foster learning and community service. On Wednesday, May 24th, 2022, a group of dedicated members from Delta Epsilon Phi, including Shayan Youssef, Karl Gough-Eschrich, Lucas Ruebsamen, and Ryan Raisrohani, completed a meaningful project at Mercy Warehouse, located within their community. This undertaking served as a valuable opportunity for us to fulfill our service hour requirements while making a positive impact on those in need.

The project at Mercy Warehouse exemplified our commitment to service and compassion. Our team worked diligently to organize and distribute essential supplies, ensuring that individuals facing challenging circumstances would receive the assistance they required. With unwavering dedication and a strong sense of purpose, we collaborated seamlessly, showcasing the values upheld by Delta Epsilon Phi.
Through our involvement with the Mercy Warehouse project, we recognized the transformative power of service and the profound effect it can have on both individuals and communities. Witnessing the gratitude and relief on the faces of those we helped was a rewarding experience that further fueled our desire to continue serving and giving back.

As members of the Delta Epsilon Phi National Honor Society, we remain steadfast in our commitment to academic excellence, cultural understanding, and community engagement. Moving forward, we eagerly look forward to undertaking more projects that promote learning, foster connections, and uplift those in need within our local community and beyond.