Project 2021

DELTA EPSILON PHI in Action – Project 2020 / 2021
Delta Epsilon Phi (ΔΕΦ) National Honor Society for High School Students of German recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of learners of German.

We do projects with our Chapter Society of California Delta Eta.
On Friday, June 11th, we met at “Renewable Farms” in Anaheim to take hands-on the vegetable. Students learned about the Aquaponic System, a circle in renewable farming.

We are very proud to announce, that GERMAN SCHOOL Campus received from the Executive Council of American Association of Teachers of German The membership of “Deutsche Ehrenverbindung” , DELTA EPSILON PHI under the name of
CALIFORNIA DELTA ETA (National Honor Society for High School Students of German).


The organization was founded in 1968 by Käthe Wilson at Coral Gables High School (FL), a devoted AATG member, to reward scholastic achievement in the study of German and to promote interest in the study of German language, literature, and civilization.

At German School Campus, we will recognize outstanding academic achievement of learners of German. To be eligible for induction, students must have completed three semesters of German with a 3.6 grade point average in German and have an overall grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Delta_Epsilon_Phi_recognitionsWe will award with Delta Epsilon Phi Items. Members shall be entitled to wear the emblem of the organization, will receive the membership certificate and a membership card, a T-shirt, lapel pin, key ring and Delta Epsilon Phi Graduation Tassel and black, red, gold Graduation Honor Cord.

This year in 2017 we are proud to give this award to two students of German school Campus on July 1st, 10:00 – 12:00, Year End Celebration & Awards. 

German National Honor Society Delta Epsilon Phi German School Campus for high school students

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