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The Class at GERMAN SCHOOL campus
Charlotte M. - GERMAN SCHOOL campus
Charlotte M. – GERMAN SCHOOL campus

After a great start with lots of nice people and a lot of sun, I got a first impression of the A-level and C-level classes. Even if four hours of German class can be exhausting, we, the teachers, and the children work hard without any breaks. In particular, the exercises at different stations were performed excellently by the children. All students worked 6 stations in speaking, reading, and writing very independently and playfully. My first challenge was to take over the class for one day. Without hesitation, my boss trusted me with her class for a day, to fly to Germany for professional reasons. The lesson preparation is a lot of work, but thanks to my boss and an email inbox full of material, half of the work were already done. Was I still nervous? Yes, very nervous! Have the children done their best to help me? More than that! Did I have fun? Oh yes, a lot! Even better was to hand over the children’s hard-earned certificates as part of a great graduation party with their parents. The school year is officially over now and it goes to the next phase. One important lesson I have learned, even if I never wanted to believe it, schools never take a break! So, off into the summer program.

Charlotte M. – July 2016