Alaaf! Helau! It’s Carnival Month

German School campus celebrates its third Carnival Season at the School this year. Join us!

We invite you to our very own Karneval with fun games, music, and of course lots of traditional ‘Berliners’, a donut-like pastry that is filled with delicious apricot or raspberry jam.

It’s been a very special tradition here at our school and this year will be the third time that we celebrate this fun event right here at our school on Newport Bay!

Come by and party with us! Dance along to famous German Fasching tunes, or partake in typical Karneval games; but you especially don’t want to leave without indulging in our deliciously scrumptious ‘Krapfen’. They have been made to order for this particular occasion!

Mark – Your CalendarforSaturday, February 10th
from 4 pm to 6 pm

Karneval Party 2018Carnival Excitement is spreading through Germany!

Europe and here in particular German-speaking countries in Europe have been in ‘Karneval-Fieber’ (carnival mood) since November. To be precise, since the 11th day of November. That’s when Carnival started at exactly 11:11 am! A strange time, wouldn’t you admit? But that’s when the Narrenzeit (Time of the fools) officially begins.

Since around that time everyone is usually getting ready for Christmas, the crazy signs of Carnival are not yet as visible. Carnival during that time commonly concentrates on the “Ball” season (elaborate dancing events), which culminates in beautiful events in January and February. You most likely have heard of the Vienna Opera Ball, a most illustrious example.

Fasching, Karneval, Fastnacht and more

‘Fasching’ has its origins in medieval times. It’s connected to the liturgical calendar starting in the Pre-Lenten season, also known as Shrovetide, and ending on Shrove Tuesday. The following Ash Wednesday starts the 40-day fasting season (Lent) until Easter. However, one may also consider Carnival as a rite of passage, when taking into account pagan customs that wanted to make way for spring and summer. Here, dressing up in fantastical costumes was often the ritual to drive away from the winter spirits.

Carnival has been known historically as the time when breaking the rules was okay and when an excessive lifestyle was accepted, even expected! Today ‘Karneval’ in Germany entails not only elaborate costume parties but also political parades, where the people make fun of the ones in charge of the country and beyond. The largest political Carnival Parade happens every year in Cologne.

Depending on where you are in Germany around Carnival time, you will experience Fasching quite a bit differently. The many States have even different names for the same seasonal event: While Carnival is known as ‘Karneval’ in Cologne and the Rhineland, in Bavaria they call it ‘Fasching’. In Franconia, one knows Carnival as ‘Fosnat’ and in Swabia as ‘Fasnet’, or ‘Fastnacht’ in Mainz.

Not everyone is out and about on Carnival, some people, called a ‘Faschingsmuffel’ (a Carnival grouch), dread this time of partying and rather stay at home. But there is one part of the German population that is looking forward to the Carnival season all year long. These are the children!

Before Halloween was celebrated in Germany, Fasching was the only time for kids to dress up as their favorite character. But they are not only looking forward to dressing up as princesses, ninjas, transformers, and Co., but also to special Carnival foods like ‘Krapfen’, the donut-like pastry with jam in the center. They are also called ‘Berliner’ or Kreppel.

Carnival at GermanSchool Campus – It’s only happening Once A Year!

Get into the Carnival mood with us and come by to celebrate with the German School campus on Saturday, February 10th from 4 pm to 6 pm. It’s a fun event where we join forces. Don’t miss it! A special batch of yummy ‘Berliners’ is waiting just for you!

Please let us know if you are coming by! Send us an Email or Call or 949-285-0829

We look forward to seeing you!


February 10 – Carnival Party at German School Campus for young and old from 4 pm – 6 pm (Free Event)

March 31 – Easter Party. Watch out for details on Facebook.

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