Austrian Consul General Visits German School Campus: ÖSD Center Milestone

Consul General Dr. Michael Postl - Frau Ursula Schoeneich - Herr Alwin Morgenstern
Alwin Morgenstern - Ursula Schoeneich - Consul General Dr. Michael Postl

Austrian Consul General Visits German School Campus in Newport Beach

A Significant Milestone

The German School campus in Newport Beach recently hosted Consul General Dr. Michael Postl from the Austrian Embassy. This visit marked a significant milestone as they became an ÖSD examination center. The event highlighted the growing importance of German language education in the region.

Importance of the Visit

Dr. Postl’s visit coincided with the school’s new designation as an ÖSD examination center. This accreditation opens doors for students and professionals. They can now obtain internationally recognized certificates that are highly valued in academic and professional spheres.

Engagement with the Community

During his visit, Dr. Postl engaged with both students and parents. He emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and language proficiency. His interaction with the children in Monday classes was inspiring. It showcased the consulate’s commitment to fostering German language education abroad. The conversation continued over coffee and cake, as Dr. Postl conversed with parents on the terrace. This personal touch highlighted the consulate’s dedication to supporting language learners at every level.

ÖSD Examination Center

The establishment of the ÖSD examination center in Newport Beach is a significant milestone for language enthusiasts on the West Coast. With ÖSD exams now available, individuals can showcase their German language proficiency. This opens doors to academic and professional opportunities both locally and globally.

Commitment to Cultural Exchange

Consul General Dr. Michael Postl’s visit symbolizes a milestone for the German School campus. It also signifies a deeper commitment to cultural exchange and language education. As the consulate continues to support such initiatives, the German language community can look forward to many possibilities.

Value of ÖSD Certificates

ÖSD certificates are internationally recognized. They grant access to immigration or work in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With a B2 or C1 level, individuals gain access to universities in these countries. This includes the opportunity for tuition-free education. An ÖSD certificate holds the same value as a Goethe certificate. It is developed in collaboration with the institution, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Paving the Way

The German School campus in Newport Beach, CA, is proud to be the third and only ÖSD examination center on the West Coast of the USA. This accreditation offers individuals the chance to validate their German language skills. It paves the way for diverse academic and professional opportunities both locally and globally.