Internship Report 3 Luisa


Highlights of the past weeks

In my third internship report, I would like to summarize the eventful weeks from mid-March until now and in particular report on my everyday life in the classes and the experiences I was able to gain.

My time in the kindergarten class was characterized by creative and playful learning. For example, we used two dice to learn the German numbers and how to add in the tens. The children were enthusiastic when they threw the dice and counted the corresponding number of eyes. This method was not only educational but also extremely entertaining for the students. In addition, we reinforced the counting and naming of the individual colors with the help of gummy bears, which not only served as a learning tool but were of course also eaten after successful use. The opportunity to take responsibility and design individual parts of the lesson gave me valuable insights into the world of early childhood education.

In the B1 class, which is preparing intensively for its language diploma, the focus was on developing communication skills, writing essays, and designing and presenting projects. I was not only allowed to take on the role of teacher but also to take on the challenge of correcting essays and giving the students valuable tips on how to improve their expression.

In the C1 class, where the focus was on exam preparation, the emphasis was on deepening language skills, particularly concerning writing challenging essays and using grammar correctly. Working with advanced students has once again made it clear to me how important it is to respond individually to the needs and levels of the learners. I was able to practice this in one-to-one discussions and feedback sessions.

In the cooking class, we had the opportunity to prepare delicious dishes together and not only develop culinary skills but also strengthen team spirit and the joy of cooking together. It was fascinating to see how the children discovered new ingredients with enthusiasm and curiosity and proudly presented their home-cooked dishes. It was exciting to see that at the beginning of the course, pupils repeatedly remarked that they did not like the individual ingredients. However, the end product that they cooked themselves was eaten by everyone, always with enthusiasm and without complaint.

Adapting the teaching methods to the different age groups was another exciting challenge. It was particularly impressive to observe the progress of the five-year-old children in the cooking class, who learned how to work with a knife under my guidance and always did so with great care and attention.

One of the highlights of the past few weeks was undoubtedly the Easter party at Old World in Huntington Beach. The children had the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, including games, face painting, and, of course, the coveted Easter Egg Hunt. My job was to supervise the can throwing, which was physically exhausting as I had to keep picking up and putting away the cans but was incredibly fun as the contact with the children and parents was all positive.

Outside of the internship, I had the opportunity to spend the Easter vacation with my parents and explore some of the most fascinating places in California and Nevada together. I was particularly impressed by the visit to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, which impressively presents the history of the city’s famous neon signs. Exploring national parks such as Joshua Tree National Park and Antelope Canyon also gave me an understanding of the breathtaking beauty of the American landscape.