Day Camp – Water

Water, Tuesday 28th of June 2016

students on the Pantoon Boat at german school campus

For the second day of the week, we planned a special program. The issue of water is an especially important part of our Science Camp, due to the relative proximity of the Pacific coast. For this reason, we rented a pontoon boat and went with the Scout teachers across the Back Bay.

We visited a white sea bass breeding hatchery to see ocean life more closely with exciting activities like water temperature measuring and driving mini motorboats.

describe a white Sea Bass german school campus newport beach
Scull of Dolphin summer camp german school campus

A stop at Balboa gave us some more information on wildlife in this area. We saw a display of wildlife animal sculls.

Students got their lunch break with pizza. Back at the school, we gave the students some information about the water in general. What is water and how does the water cycle work? With posters and games, we worked together on the vocabulary and repeated them with interesting articles about water solutions and pollution.

In the end, we created our own mini-hydro car powered by solar energy. With transparent water tanks, we could observe the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen and enjoy seeing the drive of the mini car on the terrace of the school.

Thanks to the great weather, an exciting day on the water came to a successful end.

Hydrocar GERMAN SCHOOL campus summer camp