Summer Camp – Part 1


Summer Camp – Part 1

The initial week of our summer camp has flown by in a blink. We’ve spent eight hours each day outdoors on the terrace, immersing ourselves in the study of the four elements – earth, water, air, and fire.

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We delved into topics like resources and renewable energy, always maintaining a focus on sustainability. Despite the complexity of these subjects, the children showed exemplary dedication and performed all tasks outstandingly. We painstakingly introduced German vocabulary, reiterating and noting them in a glossary.

Astonishingly, the children already had a good grasp of many German words. The Sea Base instructors also lent us their support. With their help, we could embark on a water excursion, participating in a kayak and sailboat tour. Additionally, we crafted beautiful posters, sowed basil seeds, watched short German videos, created maps, and noted essential details about tides, solar and wind energy, and recycling in a fun and engaging manner. I believe we managed to plan and execute a fulfilling week, and the children greatly benefited from our program. To top it all off, we had a grand Ice Cream Social that everyone thoroughly enjoyed! This experience has equipped us with the knowledge to host a week-long German class, and we’re excited to make the next week even more enriching.