Dr. Bernd Fischer Retires

Dr. Bernd Fischer Retires

Consul General Dr. Bernd Fischer

Following a dedicated tenure of 37 years and 3 months with the German Foreign Service, Consul General Dr. Bernd Fischer stepped into retirement on June 30. A modest ceremony at the Consulate, graced by colleagues and Mrs. Fischer, saw Deputy Consul General Stefan Biedermann bestow upon Dr. Fischer his final official paper – a Retirement Certificate. This document, carrying the signatures of German President Joachim Gauck and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, expressed recognition and gratitude for his lengthy and faithful service.

Deputy Consul General Biedermann praised Dr. Fischer, highlighting two notable attributes he admired and wished to emulate: Dr. Fischer’s inherent knack for engaging and factual communication, and above all, his enduring alliance with his wife, Jutta. Throughout his diplomatic career and their four-decade-long marriage, Jutta has been a steady source of support. According to Biedermann, the Fischers epitomize the ideal team spirit essential for a prosperous life in foreign service.

In his parting words, Dr. Fischer emphasized the significance of their mission to nurture and strengthen the bonds of friendship between Germany and the United States to his soon-to-be former colleagues. Furthermore, he addressed a subject of personal importance, something he passionately championed during his three-year tenure as Consul General. He encouraged his colleagues to assist in ensuring that Germany’s successful dual education or Skills Initiative model is adopted in California.

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Consul General Dr. Bernd Fischer retired

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