Internship report Claire Feldhaus Part 3

high school stufents at german school campus newport beach FI

Interactive learning at German School Campus

In order to promote the teaching and learning processes of the pupils, the German School Campus attaches great importance to the design of the school’s internal curriculum.

The curriculum focuses on modern methods. This applies to all areas and also to the teaching material; this year new Klett Augmented learning books were introduced.

With these books, the otherwise common disturbing factor, the mobile phone, is transformed into a tool that contributes to learning. A dictionary is opened via the Klett Verlag app and it is possible to look up words that are still unknown and retrieve them via audio. In addition, the app scans the page, and depending on the chapter, either suitable grammar or explanatory videos and audio files are displayed. Especially the fact that the students get to know different pronunciations is very helpful and greatly enhances speech comprehension.

Another aspect that promotes interaction between the students is the games. To warm up the lessons are sometimes started with vocabulary ball games or games are integrated into the meantime in which the students connect the language with movement. This awakens the pupils and creates a climate conducive to learning. All individuals are systematically encouraged and despite the performance orientation of the school, language training is fun for everyone. The inclusion of all pupils is very important because harmonious cooperation makes learning much easier.