forest lapbook

Summer camp german school week 3 elementary
Summer camp german school week 3 elementary

Explore the Forest Elementary class Week 3

As a repetition in week 3, the pupils have created a forest lapbook. With this form of presentation, the children can work on, consolidate and creatively implement lesson topics.

The theme of week 3 is “the forest and its inhabitants”.
We differentiate between coniferous and deciduous trees, from the root layer to the tree layer, the pupils learn about the benefits of the forest.
The seasons, and who hibernates or hibernates, are there animals that are active all year round?!
Photosynthesis is an important component.
Behavior in the forest – the rules.
Eat and be eaten, the food chain.

The children are very motivated and engaged in their work. They arrange the obtained information in a fold-out envelope, which contains numerous glued or pinned inner parts, such as “Leporello” elements, compartments, or turntables, thus creating a clear and condensed presentation of the chosen topic.
The students work not only theoretically but also manually – many senses are involved. The children learn to research and design independently.