Wanderbus by Goethe Institute Washington

We had the opportunity to bring our students on a virtual field trip with the Wanderbus, organized by Goethe Institute Washington. https://www.wanderbus.de/#/

It was an amazing program in which German-learning students could explore different activities on the following topics:

  1. Tourplan – maps of Germany and the USA (learn about cities and participating schools)
  2. German – Culture – Soccer, Wurst, Müll (don’t we all admire the German system of garbage separation…)
  3. German Science – DIY experiments with famous German scientists (air pressure, light, materials)
  4. German Games – of course, all language and culture related
  5. German history and politics – historical locations, messages from politicians
  6. Guestbook – students can leave messages for fellow students touring the bus after them

We toured for about 1 h and got then invited to the famous Kahoot game to compete with other German students in High School.

We did not do badly at all and rang 5th place out of 13.

What an experience, what a fun class for our German learners.

We thank Goethe Institut Washington for this opportunity.