Congratulations! AATG -National German Exam CLV Scholarship Winners!

Waldsee is the German immersion program offered by Concordia Language Villages
Waldsee is the German immersion program offered by Concordia Language Villages

We are proud – 2 Students from the GERMAN SCHOOL campus are winners of 2021

The National German Exam is administered each year to over 20,000 high school students of German. The Exam, now in its 61st year, provides individual diagnostic feedback, rewards students through an extensive regional and national prize program, and creates a sense of accomplishment.

We are so proud of our students Lucas Ruebsamen and Ryan Raisrohani who are among the 55 winners in the US for the AATG-CLV Scholarship of 2021.

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Eligibility. To be eligible to apply, students must score in the 90th percentile or higher on the National German Exam and have a minimum of a B average. Students must not live in a household where the regular conversation is in German. Students must be in high school.

Lucas (15) scored in the third year with Gold, and Ryan (16) scored in the second year with Gold in the AATG – National German Exam. Both have a high Percentile and they are on the Presidential Honor Roll. They both have taken the ZFA B1/DSDI Exam. Lukas is in our Honor Society of German School campus Chapter California Delta Eta of German Honor Society Delta Epsilon Phi.

AATG and Concordia Language Villages offer the winners one of the two following awards of the prizewinner’s choosing: a minimum of $750 award to be applied to enrollment in a four-week German immersion program (either in-person or virtual) or a full scholarship for anyone-week Waldsee Virtual Village program. “

What both can expect :
“The Next Best Thing to Being There” scholarships for Waldsee German Language Village, an AATG-recognized national Center of Excellence and America’s premier residential and virtual immersion language program in North America, sponsored by Concordia Language Villages and Concordia College.

Immersion Opportunities at Waldsee. Waldsee übercool adventures in German for beginners through advanced learners, all in a fun, motivating setting with master teachers, talented counselors, and participants from across the country and around the world. This summer Waldsee will offer both in-person and virtual village offerings for participants to dive into German in ways that are full of Spiel, Spaβ und Abenteuer!